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Joining and Membership
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How to join:

This website is one of the sources of information about Glossop U3A and if after having a look round you feel that you would like to join us and that our organisation has something to offer you then you can find out how to join by:

  • contacting our membership secretary (phone number/e-mail address below). or

  • coming to a coffee morning at Bradbury House on the 1st Thursday of each month between 9.30am until 10.00am then 10.30am until 11.30am. (Between 10 and 10.30 notices are given out but they can give you a flavour of what we do.)

    You will be given a warm welcome
Being a member:

Membership is open to people in their Third Age, living in the Glossop area. The third Age refers to the period which comes after full-time employment and/or parental responsibilities. Anyone in their Third Age can join and this includes people who are working part time. There is no lower age limit.

  • There is one level of membership only and everyone shares the title Member
  • All members share the same rights and responsibilities with respect to Glossop U3A

Every member pays a fee that covers-

  • affiliation fees to the U3A Trust
  • Hire of the room in Bradbury House for the monthly coffee morning
  • Administrative and development costs for Glossop U3A

Every member is expected to belong to one or more groups.

  • Each group runs as a self-financing, non-profit making entity. Costs vary according to the nature of the study or activity but appropriate group fees will be applied either annually or per term for groups that meet in Bradbury House
What to expect of Glossop U3A:

The purpose of being a member is to participate in one or more of the Groups and Activities. As U3A is a self-help organisation it draws upon the talents, skills and experience of its membership. These can be many and varied, and every new member has lifetime experiences to draw from and share. Participation in Groups and Activities means having a willingness to contribute and this can include:

  • making a short presentation at a group meeting
  • organising a theme for a session
  • acting as a Group leader or coordinator
  • suggesting and starting up a new group.

In short, to get the best from Glossop U3A members should be active rather than passive. As with all lifetime education the more a member puts in the more they get out. The more members we have the more active we can be, the more fun and enjoyment we can have and the more groups we can offer.

We manage to run a wide range of Groups and this is because members are willing to act as organisers, coordinators or leaders. We are always trying to expand our range but it is inevitable that some groups have to be limited in size because of the capacity of available rooms. We hope that we will be able to meet your needs but if you do find that a group is full please do not be too disappointed--there are others. And --- if you join us with a particular interest and want to start a group we will be very enthusiastic to support you.
As a fully paid-up member you can also join in with all the trips and visits that are organised throughout the year.


For membership enquiries please contact Clive Littlewood, membership secretary, Tel.No. 01457 867594 , or e-mail membership.glossopu3a@gmail.com .