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How does Glossop U3A operate?
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Keeping up with what is going on:

There are several key points where all members can find information about the programme and new events.

  • This website includes lists of all groups, all trips and visits and all activities. Members can book any visit or event by phoning or e-mailing the organiser. All members should have appropriate details but if not, contact Carol Littlewood.
  • The Thursday Meeting gives an opportunity for all members (after 11.00 am) to make inquiries and bookings.
  • The noticeboard at Bradbury House includes information about activities.
Glossop U3A Management:

The membership elects members to the management committee at the AGM. Management Committee Members automatically become trustees of the Glossop U3A and are collectively responsible for all aspects of the U3A on behalf of all its members.

Glossop U3A has its own Constitution, based on the model constitution for all U3As. It also has a full set of Standing Orders that add to the Constitution. The Constitution can only be changed through a General Meeting of the membership but the Standing Orders can be changed by the Management Committee.

The Constitution and Standing Orders are available to all members through any member of the Management Committee.

The Management. - Nuts and Bolts.

The Constitution (Word docx)

The Constitution (pdf format)

U3A Disabilities Policy 1 (pdf)

U3A Disabilities Policy 2 (pdf)

Privacy Policy (Word docx)

Data Protection Policy (Word docx)

Standing Orders 2019 (pdf)

AGM Sept. 2014

AGM Sept. 2015

AGM Sept.2016

AGM Sept 2017

AGM Sept 2018***



***These minutes are in draft form until after they are approved at the 2019 AGM.



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